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Val Lewis lives in the serene agrarian valley of Bothwell, Utah, on the same piece of land his great grandfather homesteaded in the late 1800s.  On a fine spring day he jumped across the border and stole the heart of the loveliest maid in Idaho.  He and his new bride “Cynthia” returned to the old homestead and with the addition of a couple of youngsters have carved out a wonderful life.


“My art is a reflection of what I love and who I have become.  I have an abiding interest for the natural world and the creatures that inhabit this beautiful sphere.  We, as humans, are part of life here and I am a student of history and the admirable individuals that created the past and shaped the world we live in today.  Much like Grandma Moses I may have been a little long in the tooth when I entered the Art world.  It was due to a serendipitous incident that I discovered a talent for three dimensional art.  My first works reflected my western heritage and fascination with cowboys and animals.  However, it didn’t take long to branch out into a much broader portfolio as one can see reflected in my web site.

Several years ago I was given the great honor of being selected to create a 1 ½ life size bonze memorial honoring the American Veterans from the Bear River Valley.  This was additionally gratifying because it included members of my family.  This first memorial has taken me into a direction never foreseen when I began sculpting.  To date I have created 10 larger than life memorials honoring military, firefighters and religious leaders.  What a grand experience I’ve had working with those wonderful Americans that have served our nation so admirably.  They are truly the “Greatest Generation”.

Three memorials designed and created by Val Lewis have won the George Washington Foundation at Valley Forge “Metal of Freedom” award.  This honor is given to communities for projects promoting American Ideals of Freedom.




I would love to respond to any inquiries you have about my art.  Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

Tel: (435) 854-3804

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